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Greater Cleveland specializes in start-up and small business lending. Our goal is to help you solve your cash needs at the lowest possible cost.

Residential Real Estate Secured Loan for Business Purposes

This loan uses the equity in your primary residence to fund your business. We offer Cash-Out First Mortgages and 2nd Mortgages to borrow against your equity.

Non-Commercial Vehicle Loans < $50,000.00

We make business loans for non-commercial vehicles, 10 years old and newer, with loan amounts less than $50,000.00. We can help you purchase them or refinance them for a lower interest rate.

Share Secured Business Loans

A Share Secured Business Loan allows businesses to turn excess cash flow into a low-rate, long-term, automatically approved loan. This fixed-rate, fixed-termed loan is fully secured with deposits in interest paying accounts at the Credit Union. Deposits held in the business’s accounts, the business owner’s personal accounts or in the accounts of angel investors can be used as loan collateral. Angel investors can pledge their deposits without being a borrower on the loan.

Over-Draft Line of Credit Business Loan

This line of credit loan is attached to your Business checking account in order to help you avoid Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Fees and provide emergency funds for the business. With a maximum credit limit of $2,500.00, there are no fees to have this line of credit available or transfer funds from it. Line of Credit transfers can be initiated via Online Banking.
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